Meet Our Board

Our Board

As a nonprofit organization, RYTF is overseen by a board of directors who serve to guide the organization’s long term vision. Our board of directors consist of nine members who bring a diverse set of skills to our organization.

Meet Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Leaders are Organizers who have been elected to serve on RYTF’s leadership team. Leaders have four different roles in the organization: Co-Chair of Organizing (two positions), Chair of Member Engagement. Chair of Grassroots Fundraising, and the Chair of Communications.


Co-Chair of Organizing

Andrea is a junior at Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability. She enjoys being an activist and has learned a lot from being part of the Rockaway Youth Task Force. She values being able to advocate for herself and on behalf of others. When she’s not in the office or working on campaigns, you can find her playing the guitar. Andrea currently serves as one of RYTF’s Co-Chairs of Organizing with Aury.


Co-Chair of Organizing

Aury is a student at Rockaway Park High School. Being a Leader at RYTF has been an eye-opening experience for her. She has learned so much about herself and her community through her advocacy work. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing volleyball. Aury serves a Co-Chair of Organizing, along with Andrea.


Chair of Member Engagement

Xavier is RYTF’s Chair of Member Engagement and attends Scholars' Academy. Being a leader has given Xavier a new outlook on his community and inspires him to work to fix it. When he’s not in the office, Xavier likes to play video games, ride his scooter, and use his Heelys.

Juviancyr “Juvy”

Chair of Grassroots Fundraising

Juvy is a student at Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability. She was born in Haiti and moved to Far Rockaway as a child. When she’s not working, Juvy can be found on the volleyball court. Juvy currently serves at RYTF’s Chair of Grassroots Fundraising.


Chair of Communications

Cerissa is RYTF’s Chair of Communications and is a student at Townsend Harris High School. As an Organizer and Leader in RYTF, she’s had the opportunity to learn more about how her community runs and the issues that accompany living in Far Rockaway. She wants to use her experience to solve some of her community’s biggest problems. When she’s not working, you can find Cerissa studying, reading, playing video games, taking photographs, or writing.