Our Mission

The Rockaway Youth Task Force (RYTF) is a grassroots member-led organization principally comprised of young women of color within the Rockaway Peninsula. RYTF builds power to secure social, economic and racial justice for residents of the Rockaway Peninsula and beyond. RYTF develops politically conscious youth leaders who are invested in improving themselves and their communities through member-led campaigns, leadership development, movement building, and cultural expression.


Our History

The Rockaway Youth Task Force is a community-based youth advocacy organization based in Far Rockaway, New York City. Our work focuses on engaging our community around local issues, developing youth leaders through specialized training, organizing advocacy campaigns, and providing space for community members to build power. Our guiding philosophy is simple: young people can be effective advocates of change in the communities and neighborhoods they live in.

Our founder, Milan Taylor, saw the lack of youth representation in civic affairs and was driven to change the narrative in his hometown of Far Rockaway. Over the past five years, Mr. Taylor’s vision has come to fruition. Since our founding, we’ve brought measurable change to the Rockaway Peninsula. We’ve rallied for an end to stop-and-frisk, better transportation, and educational equity in the Rockaways. During Superstorm Sandy, we organized over 200 volunteers to hand deliver goods and supplies to disabled and elderly residents stranded in high-rise buildings in our community.

One of the organization’s biggest successes is the RYTF Urban Farm and Community Garden, one of the largest youth-run community gardens in New York City. To date, the garden has grown over 100,000 pounds of food for the Rockaway Community. We seek to ensure that the youth voice is fairly represented in conversations about the future of our community. There is power in youth advocacy and RYTF is committed to providing the youth of Rockaway with a seat at the table.


Our Community

Neighborhoods in the Rockaway Peninsula vary widely in affluence and available services. Gentrification of the oceanfront property has put many residents at risk of displacement due to rising rents and corporate developments. Limited access to adequate public transit in areas with high poverty rates exacerbate social issues such as gang violence, barriers to sufficient healthy food options, and a lack of hospital facilities and social services. Many residents are forced to endure long commutes, sometimes lasting upwards of an hour and half, to find quality job opportunities, health services, retail, and grocery stores in other areas of New York City. Rockaway residents have the longest commute out of any NYC neighborhood, averaging 55 minutes.

Despite the existence of higher-income neighborhoods and popular tourist destinations in the Rockaways, there are a disproportionate percentage of individuals living in poverty. For example, in Far Rockaway and Edgemere, two key neighborhoods served by RYTF, the poverty rates are 25% and 34%, respectively, compared to an average 18% across New York City. Over a quarter of the population ages 25 and older have not completed high school as compared to 15% in New York City, and just 13% have a bachelor degree, as compared with 19% in New York City. In the Rockaways, 41% of the population is Black or African American and 22% is Hispanic or Latino.

The Rockaway Peninsula lacks sufficient supermarkets and grocery stores carrying fresh, nutritious foods for its residents. Areas like this are commonly known as “food deserts”. Fast food options have become a major component of residents’ diets, causing a plethora of health concerns. According to the St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Service Plan for 2014-2017, the death rate from heart disease in the Rockaways is 78% higher than the overall rate in Queens, and 59% higher than New York City. More than 65% of Rockaway residents reported being overweight or obese in the NYS Department of Health/Mental Health 2011 Community Survey as compared to 55% in Queens and 58% in NYC. Rockaway residents die of diabetes at more than double the rate of Queens residents overall, and nearly two times the NYC and NY State rates.


Victories & Accomplishments

megaAmplifying Our Voices:

  • Successfully campaigned to change a New York State law to lower the age to serve on community boards from 18 to 16
  • Successfully campaigned to bring Participatory Budgeting to Far Rockaway

ic_school_black_24dp_1xStrengthening Our Schools:

  • Advocated for over $1,000,000 in capital expenses to Rockaway schools through Participatory Budgeting
  • Assisted community youth with organizing a demonstration to bring awareness to the needs of students of color in Rockaway schools

carrotImproving Our Health Outcomes:

  • Built and maintains one of the largest youth-run urban farms in New York City
  • To date, we have provided over 100,000 pounds of produce to the Rockaway Peninsula through a partnership with GrowNYC
  • Built and maintain a second community garden for local public housing residents
  • Provide growing space for over 80 families on the Rockaway Peninsula

Improving Our Public Transit:

  • Successfully campaigned to extend the Q52 bus line by one mile to provide Far Rockaway residents with increased service
  • Successfully campaigned for the free Rockaway Ferry Shuttle Bus to provide free access to residents in Far Rockaway

Building Our Movement:

  • Conducted food justice workshops and trainings around the United States and internationally
  • Participated in and organized Black Lives Matter demonstrations across New York City
  • Started a hyper-local citizen journalism project, the Rockaway Advocate, to lift local voices and provide a media platform for youth of color in Rockaway


Our Team

Milan Taylor

Founder/Executive Director

Milan has always been active in community organizing, having been appointed to Queens Community Board 14, attending various community meetings, and ultimately becoming aware of the glaring lack of youth participation in his community. Looking around, Milan realized there were few places where young people in the Rockaways could grow and learn to be great leaders. Therefore the vision of RYTF came to fruition – an advocacy organization created and ran by the youth of the Rockaways to properly address youth issues in the community.Click here to read more

Tamera Jacobs

Director of Finance & Operations

Tamera currently serves as RYTF’s Director of Operations, and is also an appointed member of Queens Community Board 14. Tamera is a Guyana native but grew up in Far Rockaway, NY, and her background as an immigrant continues to inspire her work and create connections with Rockaway’s diverse population. Tamera originally joined RYTF as a Youth Organizer, and excelled in every opportunity she took on at the organization, before rising to her current position. The Root selected Tamera as a Young Futurist of 2018 in celebration of her work with the Rockaway Youth Task Force. Tamera now brings her wide range of experiences and skills to her vision for RYTF as a director.

Malachi Davidson

Membership Engagement Organizer

Malachi originally joined the Rockaway Youth Task Force as a member in High School and has worked with the organization in various capacities since then. Malachi was born and raised in Far Rockaway, NY, and his background informs his incredible ability to connect with the Rockaway community and inspire youth from the area. Through developing these skills, Malachi became an extremely effective organizer and rose to join RYTF’s staff. He is also a full-time college student, studying business marketing at Baruch College. In his spare time, Malachi loves to play Fortnite and compete at Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments.

Andrea Colon

Community Engagement Organizer

Andrea started as a member with RYTF in High School and emerged as a leader after being elected Lead Organizer by her peers. Her work as a dedicated organizer and motivational leader earned her current staff position. Andrea is also a first generation college student, studying political science at Baruch College. She is a first generation American from Guatemala and Puerto Rico. Andrea is passionate about being an activist because she deeply values being able to advocate for herself and on behalf of others. When she’s not in the office or working on campaigns, she writes spoken word poetry.

Aury Diaz

Operations Manager

Aury first joined RYTF as a member in High School and her demonstrated leadership abilities led to her peers electing her to be a Lead Organizer. She continued to develop her capability and leadership through her work, and rose to her current position through a determination to take on more responsibility and contribute more. Aury is inspired to change the community that she now lives in for the better, and she finds value through empowering herself and others. She is currently studying biomedical science at Hunter College. She also serves on the community advisory board of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. When Aury is not managing RYTF’s schedule, she relaxes by watching Grey’s Anatomy and reading.

Barry Mckenzie

Rockaway Advocate Coordinator

Barry has been a dedicated member of RYTF since its inception, and since then has taken on many roles during his time with the organization. Barry was born in Trinidad and grew up in New Jersey and New York. During Superstorm Sandy, Barry was forced from his home for nearly a year and that experience solidified his commitment to the Rockaway community. Click here to learn more about the Rockaway Advocate.

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