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Director of Organizing


Position Overview:

RYTF’s Director of Organizing is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our grassroots youth organizing and programming, tracking KPI’s for the Community Advocacy Program and CORE Program, organizing staff trainings, and developing and executing long-term strategic plans to grow and sustain a robust and engaged membership base. This position directly supervises the Membership Engagement Organizer and Community Engagement Organizer and reports to the Executive Director.

RYTF’s Director of Organizing is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Rockaway Advocate Program, ensuring monthly issues of the Rockaway Advocate are published ad distributed in a timely manner, tracking KPI’s for Rockaway Advocate production and programming, preparing and editing written content for our monthly Rockaway Advocate publication, managing RYTF’s online presence through website updates and social media, and preparing organizational press releases and newsletter announcements. This position directly supervises the Communications Coordinator and reports directly to the Executive Director.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Youth Programs

  • Oversee the implementation of all RYTF youth programming
  • Coordinate internal and external base building and recruitment
  • Facilitate weekly Youth Organizer meetings for the Community Organizing Program and the Rockaway Advocate Program
  • Support youth’s personal and professional skills development
  • Organize public meetings and events
  • Ensure membership engagement and uphold membership standards and expectations
  • Build youth programming curriculum

Campaign Strategy & Development

  • Plan and organize local advocacy campaigns to better the Rockaway community, to be implemented by RYTF Youth Organizers
  • Train Community Engagement Organizer and Membership Engagement Organizer on community organizing strategies and training models
  • Oversee community outreach initiatives

Management & Administration

  • Directly supervise and track the KPI’s of RYTF’s Leadership Team, which includes the Community Engagement Organizer, Membership Engagement Organizer, and Rockaway Advocate Coordinator
  • Facilitate weekly Leadership Team meetings
  • Set outcome goals and assign reporting items for Leadership team
  • Track youth development outcomes and develop strategies to further these outcomes
  • Ensure Rockaway Advocate publication is completed in a timely manner each month
  • Maintain the fiscal stability of the Rockaway Advocate publication through paid advertising and Community Sponsorships


  • Update Trello: archive outdated cards and create new ones
  • Keep up with local Rockaway news and happenings


Key Performance Indicators:

Robust Membership

  • Goal: 60-75 Youth Organizers in Community Organizing Program
  • Goal: 10-15 Youth Organizers focused on Rockaway Advocate
  • Goal: 375 Members

Engaged Membership

  • 75% Attendance at weekly Rockaway Advocate meetings

Strong Professional & Leadership Skills Development

  • Weekly meetings with LeadershipTeam


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